Challenge: Transform

We’re in the middle of our Transformed campaign now, and our seventh core value seems to lend itself well to this study: Achieving God’s purpose means taking faith-filled risks. This always involves change.

I have to admit that when our new core values were first announced, I didn’t fully agree with this one. After all, God doesn’t always tell us to move. Sometimes the hardest thing God asks us to do is wait. But after thinking it over, I’ve come to the conclusion that our denominational leaders really did know what they were doing when they wrote this.

No one is perfect. And that means that there is always room for us to become more like Christ. As a church and as individuals, we should always be striving to improve ourselves. This doesn’t mean we have to make huge changes every week. But if we take one small step, and then another, and then another, we will be making steady progress towards becoming the image of Christ.

Small steps actually work better for this process, as they’re more sustainable. I’m not interested in you making a huge gesture this week and then going back to your old way of doing things next week. I’d much rather you do one small thing that you feel confident you can keep doing from now into eternity.

So this week, choose one tiny area of your life to transform. Are you going to be nicer to that really annoying coworker? Clean up your language at work? Read your Bible just one more day a week? It doesn’t matter how small it might seem to you, ever difference matters.

Accountability plays a huge role in sticking to your decisions, so we’re going to lay it all out in the comments section. Head down there now and tell us what change you’re planning on making this week.


One thought on “Challenge: Transform

  1. I’ll go first: I often ignore my personal Bible study time when I’m busy writing lessons. This week I am going to make my own study of the Word a priority.


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