One Thing

What would you do if you knew that in one hour you would be arrested, convicted on false charges, and sentenced to die? Would you hang out with your friends? Pull one last crazy stunt? Write letters for your loved ones? Do something you’d always been too scared to try before?

Hopefully, you’ll never be in the position to test what you would really do in that situation. But Jesus was. He knew when he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday that he wasn’t going to survive the week. He knew when the religious leaders challenged him that they would eventually find a way to kill him. He knew when Judas left the Last Supper that he was going to betray him. And he knew when he led the disciples up the Mount of Olives that night that soldiers were on their way to arrest him.

And what did Jesus do with these last precious moments of freedom? He prayed.

We call this the High Priestly Prayer and it’s recorded in John 17.  When Jesus knew that he only had time for one more thing, he used that time to pray. He prayed for his disciples. He prayed for you and me. That’s what Jesus thought was most important.

When you only have time for one thing, how often do you choose prayer? Is it more important to do the housework, or to pray? To get the lawn mowed, or to pray? To pick up that extra overtime, or to have time to pray? Jesus clearly demonstrated that prayer is the most important thing we could do with our time, no matter how little of it we have left. And yet we often think catching up on our favorite show or finishing the last couple chapters in a book is more important.

This week, make prayer your number one priority. As we count down to Easter and think about everything that Jesus did in his last days on Earth, make time to pray. Make it as important to you as Jesus did.

It’s a busy week, I understand that. There are extra church services to get to, guests to welcome, a holiday dinner to prepare, plus all of your regular responsibilities. You’re going to have to prioritize big time. Keep prayer in the number one slot.

There are times when we just don’t have enough time. We have a to-do list that feels never ending and a deadline that’s approaching quickly. At some point, you might have to admit that you’re just not going to get it all done. Make sure prayer isn’t what gets cut.

There are times you only have time for one more thing. Make prayer your one thing.


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