Trust Fall

You all know what a trust fall is, right? You stand in front of someone and fall backward and they catch you. It may sound like  a silly little exercise, especially if you have no fear of falling over backwards, but for some people, that’s really difficult. Some groups have you stand on a table or a desk and fall backward in order to increase the amount of trust needed to participate.

What does this have to do with stewardship? (You’re probably only wondering that if you remember from last week that this month we’re focusing on our fourth core value, which is stewardship. Now that I’ve reminded you, you’re all wondering this, so I’ll go ahead and answer it.)

I understand that for many people, giving money to the church feels like doing a trust fall off the Empire State Building. And that is exactly why God asks you to do it.

The church does a lot of important work, and in order to continue that work it needs money. But that is not the primary reason you should be giving. In all of Jesus’ teachings about money (and there’s a lot) he never mentions the importance of giving to the Temple so that they can pay their electricity bill. In fact, he rarely mentions why the Temple needs your money at all. Mostly, he focuses on why you need to give. And the number one reason you need to give is to demonstrate your trust in God.

God wants to be our go-to guy any time we’re in trouble. He is available 24/7 for us to ask for help. And he absolutely hates when we allow anything or anyone else to take his place as the one we turn to for help. He knows how much more secure we feel when we have a financial safety net to fall back on. But he doesn’t want our security to come from our bank accounts. He wants us to fall back on him.

Don’t be that person who stands on the table and says, “I already trust you, so there’s no reason for me to go through with this.” Do you really trust God enough to start giving to the local church? Prove it. Take the fall.

He’ll catch you.


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