This month, in honor of Christmas, we’ll be taking a break from our core values to talk about Advent. Even though Christmas is just three short weeks away, our first advent candle takes us thousands of years into the past, thousands of years before Christ was even born. Because long before God was born as a baby, He promised that He would come.

God makes a lot of promises in the Bible. And He often takes His time about fulfilling them. He promises Abraham and Sarah a baby a year before they conceive. He promises the land of Canaan to the Israelites before they were even known as Israelites. He promises to lead them out of Egypt, but then leaves them to be slaves for over 200 years. He promises David the throne of Israel, but then allows Saul to hunt David like a criminal for years.

So, yes, God has this habit of keeping His promises in His own time. But He always keeps His promises. Even when it takes thousands and thousands of years.

A Savior Promised

Genesis 3:15 is called the protoevangelium, which simply means the first gospel. It is the verse where God says that the son of man shall crush the serpent’s head, and it is the first time that God promises to come to earth. The rest of the Old Testament is the story of how God prepares us for His coming, and includes more predictions of His birth, such as Isaiah 9:6 and Micah 5:2.

Israel spent thousands of years waiting for a Messiah. Hebrews 11 lists out many heroes of the faith who died without ever seeing this promise fulfilled, but still certain that someday, God would come. At Christmas, we don’t just celebrate the birth of a baby. We celebrate the fulfillment of a promise that is as old as human history.

More Promises

God is still making promises. He promises us peace. He promises us unconditional love. He promises us forgiveness. He promises us eternity with Him, and He promises to come back someday. If you feel like God is failing to fulfill any of those promises, let this Christmas put those doubts to rest.

God might not keep His promises when and how we expect Him to. He sent us a baby in a manger thousands of years after we started looking for a king on a throne. But He always keeps Him promises.


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