The Jews have a rough history. Even before they were the Jews, life was often hard. As a small kingdom surrounded by superpowers like Egypt, Babylon, and Assyria, they were constantly under threat of attack. The only other constant in their history was God and their hope in Him.

As slaves in Egypt, the Israelites had hope that God would send a leader to free them. As nomads in the desert, they had hope that He would lead them to the Promised Land. As exiles in Babylon, the Jews had hope that God would restore them to their home. Even under Roman occupation, they never gave up hope that the Messiah would come.

And the Messiah did come. Even though He wasn’t the conquering king that they wanted, Jesus addressed the Jews’ much larger problem: He opened the path for them to restore their relationship with God. Not only that, He opened that path up to everyone, Jewish or not.

Just as the Jews had the hope of the Messiah to see them through the darkest times, we have that same hope in Jesus’ return. As this world spins more and more out of control, we have no reason to panic. God is still all powerful. Our future is secure in Him, and we can be certain that Jesus will return.

As we count down to our celebration of Jesus’ birth, let the hope of the season fill you. He came to earth, just as He promised that He would. And someday, when the time is right, He will fulfill His promise to return. So no matter what happens, rest secure in the hope that does not disappoint.



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