Groans Beyond Words

What do you think the Holy Spirit’s main job is inside of us? Do you ever think about what He’s doing? One of His primary roles is to convict us of sin. That’s a very important job and He does it because He loves us and wants us to be more and more like Christ. But another job He has is to intercede for us, especially when we don’t know what to say for ourselves.

According to  Romans chapter 8, all of creation is crumbling to pieces because sin has created a gap between us and God. That’s even true for Christians. Even though our relationship with God has been prepared, as long as we are on Earth we cannot have the level of intimacy with God that we were originally designed to have, and that is quite literally killing us.

We can know with absolute certainty that someday Jesus will return to claim His kingdom and that all of creation will be fully redeemed in the New Heaven and New Earth that John saw in Revelation. But that hasn’t happened yet, so we’re still stuck in this broken creation, and that hurts us in ways that we aren’t fully aware of.

But the Holy Spirit is aware of them. He knows those broken little pockets of us that we don’t even realize are broken. Those bits and pieces of ourselves that we can’t put into words because there just aren’t any words to express how hard it is for us to be separated from our Creator, are being taken care of by the Holy Spirit. He is interceding for us with groans that words cannot express.

Life can be hard sometimes. It can be even harder when we can’t even articulate what it is that’s bothering us. God still understands. The Holy Spirit is there to express what we cannot. He is the Comforter that Jesus promised to send, so take comfort in Him. He’s not just there to convict.


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