As I mentioned in my first post this month, I wasn’t a fan of our sixth core value when it was first revealed. Achieving God’s purposes means taking faith-filled risks. This always involves change. I already said that I didn’t like the use of the word always because there are exceptions to every rule. But this week I finally put my finger on something else that bothers me about this value: the idea that everything is in a constant state of change.

The church in America has fallen into a pattern of chasing fads. Sometimes these fads are successful and mega-churches blossom overnight, only to wither and die when a new fad takes the spotlight. Sometimes fads work really well for one church, but not for another one down the street. Often fads get people in the door, but it takes more than that to give them a deeply-rooted faith.

The church should be constantly evaluating and adapting to be more effective in reaching people for God, but Christianity is not a fad. Some things do not change.

God Does Not Change

We should be changing daily to reflect God more truly, but God Himself does not change. That makes Him a perfect touchstone for times when we feel overwhelmed. We can put our complete faith in Him today because He will be the exact same tomorrow. He keeps promises that He made thousands of years ago. As we change, we need an unmoving point to focus on to keep us from getting disoriented. The unchanging God is that immovable focus point.

The Gospel Does Not Change

After 2,000 years of existence, the church still has one primary function: to tell people about Jesus Christ. And what they need to know about Him has not changed in that time. People need to know that there is a separation between us and God. They need to know that the only way for that separation to be bridged was for Jesus to die for us. And they need to know that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today.  That must be the message of the church.

The world is constantly changing. The church has to adapt its approach to reach that changing world. But some things must not change.


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