Fully Devoted Disciples

We are now on our final core value: Completing the Great Commission will require the mobilization of every fully devoted disciple.

We also find ourselves in the middle of Lent, which is traditionally a season of self-reflection as we prepare to observe Jesus’ death and resurrection. So it seems like a good time to ask ourselves one simple question: Am I fully devoted to Jesus?

Your knee-jerk reaction will be to insist that you are, but take a moment to really think about it. The whole reason Jesus came to earth was to save the lost. How much effort are you putting into continuing his mission? How much are you praying for those who don’t know Jesus? How open are you about your faith with non-believers? How invested are you in missions?

As soon as man fell, God launched a rescue plan that spanned thousands of years in order to enable us to stand in his presence once more. The church’s work is not done until every person on earth has heard that story. It is a monumental task that requires us to reach across the street and around the world. It requires the cooperation of every person who is fully devoted to Jesus.

Are you in?


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