Prayer is Primary

Happy April! We’ve made it through all seven of our core values, meaning it’s time to loop back around. This month’s core value is Prayer is the primary work of God’s people.

As Palm Sunday and Easter come up, we’ll be talking about them before getting back to our core values, so this Sunday we’re going to combine the old and the new and talk about completing the Great Commission through prayer.

Missionaries are fantastic people. They really are. They leave their homes, their friends, their families for months, even years at a time to move across the world where they have to integrate themselves into a new culture with a different language and different customs and different perspectives with the sole focus of letting people know that God loves them and that Jesus died for them. What missionaries do is really, really hard. And they can’t do it without our help.

There are lots of ways that you can help missionaries. You can give to the Great Commission Fund. You can host a missionary in the States on furlough. You can go overseas yourself and serve with them as a short-term missionary. And you can pray for them.

We tend to put prayer last. It doesn’t feel like as much of a contribution as the others. It’s not quite as tangible. You can’t come back with pictures of children you fed or buildings you constructed. You can’t put a dollar amount on it. That’s because it’s priceless.

If you want your prayers to feel like a real contribution, get more intentional about it. Spend significant chunks of time on your knees petitioning God with specific requests on behalf of our missionaries. You can look on the Alliance’s weekly prayer page to know what to pray for. You can look up what’s going on in different countries and follow missionary teams on this page. Be as specific as possible with your prayers. This will make it more obvious when God answers them, which brings Him more glory and also keeps us more motivated to keep praying.

Fulfilling the Great Commission requires the mobilization of every devoted disciple. Mobilization can look like a lot of different things. No matter what mobilization looks like for you, the primary contribution anyone can make to missions is prayer.



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