For the Lost

After Palm Sunday and Easter and lots of fun celebrating, we’re back to our core values, starting with the first one: Lost People Matter to God. He Wants Them Found.

This is an excellent transition out of Easter, because Christ was all about the lost. We tend to personalize Christ’s death, and it is really important for us to take time now and then to reflect on the fact that Jesus died for you and me, but that’s not the whole scope of Christ’s death. He didn’t die for just one or two people, or just for the Jews, or just for the church. Christ died for the lost.

As American culture drifts further and further away from God, the church has grown more and more proprietary about Jesus. For the rest of the country, Easter might be about bunnies and eggs and candy, but we know the truth. But because not everyone wants to hear the truth about Jesus and their sins, we often get labeled intolerant or judgemental. And it hurts, when you’re genuinely trying to share the gospel of Christ with people, to have that good news thrown back in your face.

So we cling tighter to each other and shake our heads at “culture” and watch the world go to hell. This is a natural reaction. We want to protect ourselves from people who have been antagonistic towards us in the past. But the Christian walk is about learning to overcome the natural within us to get in touch with the divine. And the lost, though they may sometimes hurt us, are not our enemy.

We need to push through the sting of past rejection and continue to offer Christ to the world. We need to learn to turn the other cheek when the lost strike out. Christ suffered for the lost. We need to be willing to do the same.


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