At Slippery Rock Alliance, we value children. While it is true that children are the future, we also believe that the children are part of the church and the community now. Our goal is to see children come to know salvation in Jesus Christ as we raise them in biblical discipleship. Raising the next generation is a responsibility of the whole church, not just a select few. As a result, many participate in ministering to our children.


We value the safety of each child. Because of this, we strive to make sure your children are cared for by active and competent adults. By performing background checks, we hope to keep proper personnel in each of our children’s ministries. By training our adults for discipleship, we hope to bear fruit in our classrooms and ministries. By praying for our children and ministries, we acknowledge God’s goodness in raising leaders for his church.


Kick - Logo Kid’s In Christ’s Kingdom

Our new Kid’s Choir practices at 9:00 before Sunday school. This is an informal group that gets together to sing and have fun. Kids of all ages are welcome to attend.

KICK starts at 9:30 in our Sunday School hour. We are in a 3-year journey through the entire Bible. This class is open for all kids in grades K-5, because we believe that kids need a chance to look up to those older than them and to help those younger.

Everyone starts our 10:30 worship service together. We love to hear our kids singing and praising God with us. At 11:00, kids in grades k-3 are dismissed for another dose of KICK. Our current curriculum keeps the kids active and engaged in the lesson so that kids of all learning types get the message presented to them in the format they retain best. Kids in grades 4 and up stay upstairs, so that they can experience the entire service as a member of the congregation.

Nursery Services are available during the 10:30 hour for newborns through pre-K. If you ever need help finding the nursery room or a staff member, just ask and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.